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OPA Director Ted Moroney announces resignation

By Josh Davis, Associate Editor

(March 21, 2019) In an unexpected turn of events, Ted Moroney on Saturday announced his resignation from the Ocean Pines Board of Directors.

Moroney was appointed to the board in September 2017 to replace Brett Hill after his resignation. He was then elected to a one-year term last August.

He emailed a statement to board members on Saturday that was forwarded to this paper:

“Over the last four months I have been dealing with family issues that were not present when I ran for the board last year. At that time I had retired and planned to downsize and move full time to OP. Since then things have gone 180 degrees and other family issues have changed those plans dramatically. As Colette, Slobodan and Doug know from our work last year, I was fully immersed in my OPA duties.

“Now that I am not downsizing, relocating and, in fact, have gone back to work full time, I have struggled to fulfill my duties over the last 90 days. The picture does not get better for at least the next six months and therefore I can’t fulfill my duties in a manner that is, in my view, acceptable or fair to all of you in particular when at this time more not less is required.

“I have watched Board members serve out a term and basically go through the motions. That is not my style nor in my mind acceptable. Therefore, I am submitting my resignation effective immediately. My recommendation is that you ask John Viola to fill the position until the election. I think ideologically he would be most like me and given his position and involvement would provide as close to a seamless transition as possible.

“Thank you for your continued service and you have my thanks and appreciation for your support and teamwork over my tenure.”

Association President Doug Parks on Monday said Moroney’s departure is “a big loss for Ocean Pines.”

“Ted was one of those guys where he had a lot of experience, not only in Ocean Pines from an understanding of how things work here, but his construction background and his subject-matter expertise in those areas was really a guiding force in how we understood approaching, say, construction projects or major projects, from creation of the RFP all the way through bid leveling, and helping us make an intelligent selection for awarding contracts.”

Parks said Moroney also brought a tireless work effort to the board.

“He really just did things thoroughly and we’re going to miss that experience,” Parks said. “We understand his decision, but that doesn’t make it any easier on us, because I personally think we’re losing a tremendous resource.”

Viola, on Tuesday morning, said he had “mixed emotions on Director Moroney’s resignation.”

“I understand he is entering a new stage in his life and I am happy for him,” Viola said. “As a director, I was a big supporter of Ted and appreciated everything he has done for Ocean Pines.”

Asked whether he would accept an appointment to join the board, Viola replied, “In regards to Ted’s recommendation, I serve at the pleasure of the board as CFO at this time.”

Per Ocean Pines bylaws, the board will discuss a replacement and call a special meeting to make that appointment official, Parks said.