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Bluebird Farms stocks homebrew hot sauces

By Greg Ellison

(Sept. 9, 2021) Bluebird Farms in Berlin has spiced up its retail offerings with handcrafted hot sauces from LJ Sauce Company in Bel Air.

Bluebird Farms owner Nancie Corbett learned of the small batch sauce line produced by Jason Kuhn and his son, Logan, last month.

“I was on Facebook and saw their brand,” she said.

Intrigued, Corbett reached out online to inquire about stocking shelves with the homemade blends.

“I messaged them to see if they had any interest in selling at Bluebird Farms,” she said. “It appealed to me because I have kids.”

Corbett suspected and confirmed the online creative culinary venture was inspired during the covid-19 pandemic.

“They were looking for something to do,” she said.

Jason Kuhn said the cottage industry was born in 2020 after pandemic restrictions altered the societal landscape.

“I was furloughed,” he said.

With his then nine-year-old son stuck at home unable to pursue academics, the concept gradually came into focus.

“He was coloring dinosaurs and I said, ‘we ought to do something with this,’” he said.

Referencing past kitchen experiments, the pair soon hit on the idea to create pepper-infused creations.

“Two years ago, my dad tried to create his own hot sauce,” Logan Kuhn said. “He called in T. Rex Tummy Torture.”

Jason Kuhn said the varying elements soon merged into the LJ Sauce Company.

“I love to cook, and he cooks with me the majority of the time,” he said.

Logan’s artistic abilities were tapped to create unique labels for the assorted creations that are rated by heat index.

“He’ll color in all the art for the labels and I shrink it down on the computer,” he said.

Once an initial run was bottled, the Kuhns created a website and began promoting the business on social media.

“We created a website and word got around,” Logan Kuhn said.

Altruism was one of the motivations that led to the creation of the LJ Sauce Company.

“For every bottle we sell, we donate $1 to charity,” he said. “Every month we focus on something different.”

Logan Kuhn said lending community aid was an underlying reason for starting the sideline.

“Right now, we’re helping pets that don’t have a home,” he said.

LJ Sauce Company is currently donating a portion of sales to the Humane Society of Harford County and the ASPCA.

“We love animals, so we wanted to take care of that,” he said. “Last month, we lent aid to prevent child abuse and sent $250.”

Other causes previously receiving support include Action Against Hunger, Prevent Child Abuse America and the United Way Worldwide.

Sticking to a prehistoric theme, LJ Sauce Company offerings include Brachiosaurus Belly Bomb, Ankylosaurus Acid, Spinosaurus Sacred Sauce and Raptors Revenge.

“The number one seller is the Brachiosaurus Belly Bomb,” Jason Kuhn said. “We smoke the peppers and let it ferment.”

Logan Kuhn, who admits to having a lighter tolerance for spice than his father, said the top seller appeals to a wide range of palates.

“Despite the name, it’s not really hot at all,” he said. “It has as much flavor as it does heat.”

At present, Logan Kuhn said the latest LJ Sauce Company blend, the Plateosaurus Peach, is his current top pick.

“My favorite is probably the citrus one,” he said.

Over the past year plus, Logan Kuhn’s knowledge of all things hot and spicy has grown.

“I didn’t know anything about peppers, but now I know everything,” he said.

In addition to their first shelf space at Bluebird Farms, located at 11207 Race Track Road, LJ Sauce Company items can be purchased online by visiting