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Bertino declares for commissioner

WORCESTER COUNTY–Newspaper publisher Chip Bertino, a resident of Ocean Pines for more than 20 years, has entered the race for Worcester County Commissioner representing District 5.
That seat is now held by Judy Boggs, who has represented that district for 12 years, but is not seeking re-election.
Bertino, a Republican, joins Republican Ray Unger and Democrat Tom Wilson in the race for Boggs’ seat. He filed for office Dec. 17.
He said as publisher of the “The Courier” weekly newspaper for 14 years, he has gained a working familiarity with important issues facing both the county and Ocean Pines.
“It is important the community is well represented at all levels of government but none more vitally so than at the county level,” Bertino stated in a press release.
If elected, Bertino will join the other commissioners in being responsible for, among other areas, schools, budgeting, public works and zoning.  
“A commissioner must be a deliberative representative who asks questions in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding and then acts accordingly,” Bertino said.
“I appreciate the fact that a candidate, if elected, represents a county district not the interests of out-of-area officeholders. Going along for the sake of getting along is a philosophy that emasculates the county’s right of home rule, devalues county dignity and denies an equitable outcome deserved and expected by our residents.   
“Tourism, farming, healthcare and entrepreneurism are the economic backbone of this county,” he said. “A county representative must work on their behalf.”
His newspaper was honored by the Ocean Pines Chamber of Commerce as 2012 Business of the Year.  He told Ocean City Today on Friday that he intends to continue publishing the newspaper if he is elected to the commissioner’s seat.
Although he has no political experience, he said he has a long-standing interest in politics and was involved in local campaigning when he lived in Philadelphia.
He is a past president of the Ocean Pines Chamber of Commerce and a former board member and treasurer of the Worcester County Veterans Memorial at Ocean Pines Foundation, Inc.
Bertino, 48, and his wife, Susan, have been married for 26 years.  They have three children and one grandchild.