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Assembly to consider quality county funding

County residents who love Worcester County’s environmental beauty such in its waterways, green spaces and parks, should be encouraged by state budget allocations coming out of the General Assembly.
Worcester should receive over $300,000 from Program Open Space that will be used for land acquisition or infrastructure of existing local parks.
Other expenditures include funding for Assateague State Park dune maintenance and shower building renovations.
Pocomoke River State Park is also on the list to receive funds to renovate its Algonquin and Manokin Pavilions as well as for improvements to marina services.
When this is combined with the $19.5 million for Worcester County’s 6,240 public school students, it makes for an impressive and of course helpful way to give this County its due.
Sometimes state citizens and even their state representatives focus so much of the 90-day General Assembly session on issues having a greater impact on the densely populated Baltimore metro area and Washington D.C.’s suburban Maryland communities.
Yet when the weather becomes warmer and we approach May, a sizeable chunk of those populations come over the Bay Bridge and make a beeline for Ocean City, Assateague, Berlin and other areas of the County.
So, these bill proposals are extremely important. Education and natural resource expenditures reflect the year-round quality of life of any area. In this case, it’s Worcester County. We are glad to see these numbers.