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Snow Hill Mayor Charlie Dorman resigns

Charlie Dorman

By Josh Davis, Associate Editor

(Oct. 12, 2018) Snow Hill Mayor Charlie Dorman said no one knew he was planning to resign, but that’s what he did at the Town Council meeting on Tuesday.

“All their mouths flew open,” Dorman said on Wednesday.

“It’s just about time, that’s all,” he continued. “I made a statement and I said to them last night it’s been an honor and a privilege to serve as mayor for six years and four months. And you know when it’s time to leave – and it’s time to leave.”

According to a press release on the town’s website, Dorman’s resignation is effective Oct. 31.

“Per the Town Charter, Section 19 ‘Vacancies in the Office of Mayor,’ ‘If a vacancy occurs in the office of Mayor because of death, removal, resignation, failure to qualify or otherwise, the Council shall without delay, but within not more than 45 days, elect a suitable qualified person to serve until the next regular election. At the next regular election, the qualified voters shall elect a person to fill any unexpired term,’” the release said, adding, “The Town Council will be meeting to discuss an interim replacement for his position.”

Snow Hill will add the mayor’s seat to the next scheduled election, May 7, 2019. The winning candidate will serve for one year until the next scheduled mayor’s election in 2020.

The 2019 election will also include the council seats for Western and Central districts currently occupied by LaToya Purnell and Jenny Hall, respectively. Alison Cook, who represents the Eastern District, was reelected without opposition earlier this year.

It appears likely one of the councilwomen will be appointed during the interim.

“I have no problem with who they appoint,” Dorman said. “I think there’s a couple good people that are very, very good for the town … that are sitting on the council.”