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Water, sewer service area created for businesses

11/7/13 | By Nancy Powell Staff Writer/Ocean City Today

OCEAN PINES—Two properties along Cathell Road were added Tuesday to the Pines Plaza Commercial Sanitary Service Area, which the Worcester County Commissioners formally created that day so businesses there can have public water and sewer services.

“I’m asking to be included,” said Debbie Hileman, owner of property on Cathell Road. “I definitely want water and sewer.”

Rick Holland also asked for public water and sewer for The Adkins Co. on the same road.

Both properties had been included in the initial phase, but were not included in a later list of properties to get the public service.

On Oct. 1, the commissioners awarded the contract for the work to construct water and sewer lines to A.P. Croll & Son of Georgetown, Del. In addition to Croll’s price of $415,569, the cost of the project includes $35,000 for engineering, $18,000 for administrative expenses and $41,431 for construction contingency expenses for the original total of $510,000.

Tuesday’s addition of the two properties increases the project’s cost from $510,000 to approximately $580,000.

Funds for the project will come from the county’s general fund. Reimbursement will be made as the customers connect.

The project began because of failing septic systems in the area.

“We continue to experience septic failures,” Environmental Programs Director Bob Mitchell told the commissioners.

“Property owners have been waiting on this forever,” said Mark Cropper, an attorney representing some area property owners.

Completion of the project to extend water and sewer lines would be a benefit and “anything you can do to expedite the process is very much appreciated,” he said.

Commissioner Judy Boggs, who represents Ocean Pines, is looking forward to improvements at the Pines Plaza, which has a number of vacant storefronts.

“This area was supposed to be a great town center,” she said.

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