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Reason, dialogue over polarization is what’s needed in Ocean Pines


This year’s election in Ocean Pines has brought out more candidates than in recent years, which is a good thing.  Over the past 10 years the community has become ever more diverse, and having a wider array of candidates typically allows for a broader spectrum of viewpoints and ideas more representative of the community.

However, this election has brought a sense of polarization and focus on personalities rather than bringing the broad base representation that one would hope.  Candidates are lining up either in support of the current general manager or looking to do battle in hopes of pushing him out, with both sides seeking board majority.  

The ballots have already been mailed to property owners and are due back by August 7. Results will be announced at the annual property owners meeting on August 9.

Ocean Pines has endured more over the years by ever-changing board direction and personal agendas than by either strong-willed or lackluster general managers.  Buildings and pet projects too large or too small, or not needed at all, get pushed through while others suffer from lack of attention by boards with an agenda and majority rule forging their way.

Property owners would be best served this election to vote for candidates that have the best ability to move beyond their differences and remain focused on how to provide direction, guidance and support without the need to micro-manage the process.  Vote with a keen eye on those best capable of working as a team with the general manager. Board members willing to bring reasonable discussion and compromise on the issues and direction for the future are what’s needed rather than a board whose members take Ocean Pines into year of in-fighting and discourse.

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