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With Main St. filling up with businesses, is Flower St. next?


The innumerable amount of people walking through the streets of downtown Berlin this season gives a hint at how profitable the area has become for businesses. As Berlin grows, so does the area around it, and thus the search for the next center of prosperity in town begins.

When talks began to institute a major renovation project for Dr. William Henry Park on Flower Street, the community got excited thinking about invigorating what is now not a prosperous area for businesses.

The park will likely feature improvements such as a new basketball court, an additional pavilion and additional landscaping, but people around the community also hope the new park project will bring a special interest to the area surrounding it.

For at least 20 years, community organizers have staged basketball tournaments that routinely brought large crowds to Henry Park. About five years ago, the tournaments stopped because of the community’s waning interest in the event.

When the project is complete, a soccer field could accompany the basketball court and would allow more frequent and larger sports tournaments to be held at the park. Movie nights, in which a large screen would be erected in the park, could be held as well.

When the Henry Park sub-committee met with the Berlin Parks Commission last Wednesday, the discussion briefly turned to the potential for growth there.

If Henry Park turns out to be everything residents using the park were looking for, it could mean this isn’t the last we hear about prosperity on Flower Street.

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