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Beets taste ‘sublime’ when prepared correctly

Posted On: 8/8/13
Written By: Paul Suplee, CEC PCIII

Beets taste ‘sublime’ when prepared correctly One of the simple pleasures in life for me is picking beets out of the garden. This amazing vegetable sums up the word ‘summer break’ to me and their taste is nothing short of sublime when prepared correctly. Our little farm in the backyard has seen better days but these beauties grew like champs. It was a nice surprise and we will not look a gift horse in the mouth. As anyone knows who has grown in their garden, plants and vegetation come and go as they please, not necessarily following any specific rules as to whether they will obey your command to grow and flourish. In harvesting the few vegetables that we grow, we love beets the most. When they are fresh from the ground, they have a sweet and earthy taste after cooked and we know that the nutritional value is second to only a handful of powerhouse provisions. We need to dig deeper than the carb/fat/protein profile when looking at the health benefits of beets.  When we eat the beets, utilizing the gree...
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Try topping cupcakes with velvety mocha icing

Posted On: 8/1/13
Written By: Paul Suplee, CEC PCIII

Try topping cupcakes with velvety mocha icing Survival: A simple word that can mean many things to many people.   Some merely try to survive the day-today drudgery of their cubicle or try to make the inane seem ultimate and extreme. Others are literally fighting for their survival.   Many years ago after finishing SERE training (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape), I graduated from Marine Combat Instructor of Water Survival School. The attrition rate made finishing the course commendable and those of us who did complete the training were joined by a common bond of being able to hold our breaths under duress for incredibly long periods of time.   Out of all of the madness during the weeks of aquatic torture, nothing topped survival day.   For one competency the instructors had us sit crisscross applesauce and then tied our ankles together. The same rope was tied around our waist in a manner that left our folded legs at a complete 90-degree angle to our torso. This created an unbel...
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Smoked salmon canapes follow basic rules

Posted On: 5/9/13
Written By: Paul Suplee, CEC PCIII

Smoked salmon canapes follow basic rules There is nothing quite like seeing the flash of fear on a child’s face when he realizes that his seat on the water park ride is now at the bow of the craft ... heading backwards as he plummets over the falls. It seemed that the more he requested of the lifeguards to be facing the deep and fast drop the more they employed their stealthy tactics of spinning the multi-person tube just right. I guess it’s the same as pushing the “close door” button on the elevator when someone with an armful of groceries is asking you to hold the car.  Our children enjoyed their weekend at Great Wolf Lodge a few weeks ago as did we. While enjoying the three-acre, four-story water park, it seemed as though the more hair-raising rides we went on, the more our youngest would defy his young mind’s logical processes and continue to get on the rides for more excitement. Arriving home, there was no rest for the weary. It was time to get down to business as I had to plan and c...
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'Murka! : No matter how you say it, it’s a good burger

Posted On: 2/7/13
Written By: Paul Suplee, CEC PCIII

'Murka! : No matter how you say it, it’s a good burger Raised in a country that thrives on patriotism, it is second nature to pronounce the four syllables of our national moniker when singing one of the myriad anthems written to inspire and move us. Mayhap when one is speaking to a board of some sort, or arguing his case in front of the magistrate, “Amer- ica” is quite polysyllabic. Yet, after a week­- end of monster trucks, mechanical construction and the Super Bowl, one all but falls into the habit of yelling “’Murka!” at the top of his lungs. It is the rally cry of the masses; a country brought together by 5-ton trucks hurled into the stratosphere, a feat that salutes the ingenuity of Gravedigger and Ghost Rhyder. It is the battle drum of a nation united to help the USA to regain ground in technology and science. It is the summons of all football fans, followers of the contenders or not, to come together to watch the most observed sporting event of the year. But most of all, it is a salute to ...
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Simplify dinner, allow for more game time

Posted On: 11/22/12
Written By:

Simplify dinner, allow for more game time  So it is now almost midnight. My keyboard is well-warmed as I have already finished tomorrow's agenda and menus are done for the various parties that I have coming up this holiday. I wish the game could have been a little closer to at least be interesting, but you can't always get what you want.  But football or no, I did get what I want in this particular case as I work through the virtual pile of work that I have on my desktop. Dinner was hours ago, and I feel like eating as do the Spanish. Traditionally, many if not most Spanish families eat dinner very late in the evening, starting their repast at 9 or 10 in the evening; and this is with young children.  This eases my mind as I catch my second wind. So wait; aren't we all being told to 'eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper'?  Shouldn't we not eat late since 'that' is part of what's causing our national obesity epidemic? Oh, you know where I'm going with th...
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Eat like a nomad and try some global grub

Posted On: 11/15/12
Written By: Paul Suplee, CEC PCIII

Eat like a nomad and try some global grub Wanderlust rocks my very foundation as I awaken. Did I dream about the British Isles? Was I thinking of Provence as I nodded off? Am I really itching to travel to the Germany or the Pacific Rim again? No, it is the after-effect of teaching global cuisine, a fascinating subject that confuses the issue of ethnicity in food and then attempts to explain the amalgamation of various cultures into one, synergistic body of work. In studying the foods of the world, one cannot help but note the vast and numerous paths of migration, amalgamation and destruction left in the wake of exploration, trade, conquest and discovery. The Nomads, Vandals, Alans, Moors, British, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, Asians, Goths and Normans were all known to explore mightily in the name of trade or conquest. And with them came the foods and cooking techniques of their homeland. As the groups moved from land to land, the culinary treasures of untold worlds were combined into a one-pot meal. In many c...
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Yes, you can… roll your sandwich in a pizza

Posted On: 11/8/12
Written By: Paul Suplee, CEC PCIII

Yes, you can… roll your sandwich in a pizza  Sometimes trying to cook for my own children is reminiscent of the opening scene of “Eat Drink Man Woman,” a 1994 Taiwanese film in which a widower lives with his three full-grown daughters. The family ritual calls for an elaborate dinner every Sunday evening, with the father (a highly trained chef) spending countless hours in the kitchen beforehand. When dinner is served, a much more elaborate spread than I have ever given my family short of our Thanksgiving annual assault, the three daughters merely wince “politely” and critique the meal, sharing their feelings freely on what could have been done to better the meal. Now, my kids may not be as critical of my work as the three heroines, but I do laugh every time that I see the movie, as it reminds me that children are fickle beasts, and some things shall forever remain a mystery. It is a common trick of ours to tell the kids that Mom made the chicken teriyaki when, in fact, I was the artisan in charge ...
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The elusive kataifi dough now found locally

Posted On: 11/1/12
Written By: Paul Suplee, CEC PCIII

The elusive kataifi dough now found locally The only thing more satisfying than teaching people how to cook is doing so with ingredients that are easily and locally procurable, once you know where to look. I have to admit that this is one of the complaints that I get on my column from time to time — I explain a technique or dish that simply can’t be recreated by a reader without a trip to the finer markets in the city. And by “city” I don’t mean Salisbury or Berlin. It is important for people in love with food to explore products with which they have never worked. They need to play with their food. This is how one grows his or her repertoire, a common theme in my writings. And the larger your repertoire, the smaller the world. I guess Disney got that one right, after all. In what seems like a different life, I worked at Michel Richard’s Citronelle during its short tenure on the top floor of the Latham Hotel in Baltimore. I was an expediter, so I was in the kitchen regularly. Among other thi...
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This is the meal that never ends. Yes, it goes on...

Posted On: 10/25/12
Written By: Paul Suplee, CEC, PCIII

This is the meal that never ends. Yes, it goes on... Oh, rapturous joy, a sunny and eighty degree day here on the Shore. I imagine it is one of the very last we shall see on our doorstep until May, but I will take it without an ounce of remorse. When the weather is warmer, we tend to think of cooling foods, and now that the days are getting a tad bit chillier as time goes on, our thoughts sway to the hardy foods — foods that satiate and placate our hunger while giving us fuel to perform whatever duties may lay ahead of us. I, for one, am glad that one of my favorite foods is also one that lends itself well to the cooler month menus: lamb. With a taste that is a touch gamier or richer than beef, it is not a sought after choice by many a carnivore. Personally, I am glad I’m the only one in the house who enjoys lamb. That simply means that on “lamb day,” there is more for me. The lamb holds a special place in many cultures around the globe, and I am still surprised that so many Americans don’t c...
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Renovate dinner with some tricked-out garnishes

Posted On: 10/18/12
Written By: Paul Suplee

Renovate dinner with some tricked-out garnishes  It's time to go over my article checklist: Lie to faithful reader about writing an article on bratwurst. Check. Supplant with sarcastic checklist to open my magnum opus. Check. Finish submitting grades for the early semester. Check. Install French patio door with no formal carpentry training. Check. Actually have aforementioned door open and close with little effort and lock securely. Check. Make presentation for the early class. Check. Watch Disney's Christmas Carol with the tyke while I write my weekly tirade. Check. We have lived in our house for 13 years, and it never ceases to amaze me how much we have accomplished in renovating the beast. It is nigh impossible to enter a room without thinking about either the work we've done or that which needs be completed. In fact, when I installed the door tonight, I mused to my wife that the molding, caulk, sill board and every other detail would be complete in approximately 18 months, the average project time for any...
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